We are an Australian couple who love to travel the world, experience new cultures and take every opportunity given to us. 

Campbell Barker was born in the Northern Territory of Australia on 21st of August 1989 he grew up on a cattle station for the first few years of his life then moved to New Zealand, then back to a small little town called Tannum Sands. He started to kite surf at the age of twelve and was sponsored by thirteen by a few different companies. His love for extreme sports began here as he started wake boarding, surfing and skateboarding. After two knee constructions he was recommended to make the tough decision not to kite surf professional, but did this stop him, no. As he continued to Kite surf casually his passion for surfing began to grow and seeking new breaks was a treasure hunt for him. As he was doing his helicopter mechanic apprenticeship while living in Horn Island, he would spend his time off flying to Indonesia to get surf. Once Cam had finished his apprenticeship he wanted to seek a new extreme sport and decided to move to Canada to hit the slopes. After spending over 6 months there, multiple battle wounds from the mountains, many friends later cam and josh headed down south to Mexico to get back into the water. Not far into there adventure in their trusty old van they met an Australian ” A few sketchy moments” who convinced them to sell the Van for a few bags of oranges and ride bicycles down to pascalles along side him. Once Cam returned from Mexico he decided to try a new sport called paragliding, when Cam sets his mind on something he must accomplish it. Cam has this passion and positivity that surrounds him and when people come in contact with him those vibes spread, he is so loving and kind and would do anything for his loved-ones, it is crazy to think we have known each other half our lives and i am so grateful that i get to share all my travelling experiences with him.

Gabrielle Winding (that is me) was born in South Australia on the 13th of august 1990, yes Cam and I have the same star sign (Leo), which can be both a positive or negative. I grew up in a small town called Semaphore Beach and absolutely loved growing up by the beach, I started sailing when I was 8 years old in a holdfast trainer. I loved sailing, well to be honest I never loved competitive sailing I was known for always capsizing the boat. After many years of sailing my brother and dad discovered this new water sport called “kitesurfing” after weeks of them learning how to kite-surf I came along and tried it for the first time, and to their surprise I stood up on the board straight away. This lead into my hobby for kitesurfing for all my teenager years and I developed close friends from all over Australia from the sport. Ever since a young age I had always wanted to travel, see the world and experience new things, this was a difficult dream to fulfil as money was a necessity to make travel possible. I didn’t have a set plan on what I wanted to do in life, I wanted to join the army, become an air hostess, professional traveller, ski instructor, captain of a ship and so much more. Any job that involved adventure or hands is what i wanted. However, in year 12 my hospitality teach approached me and asked if I wanted to apply for a scholarship for Le Cordon Bleu Hotel Management College, at this point in time cooking was my absolute favourite thing to do, I loved trying to cook all different types of cuisines and tasting new ingredients from all over the world. So I received the scholarship for an International Business and Hotel Management Bachelor degree. During this time I got to spend six months work experience in Cairns and six months work experience on Lindeman Island, these experiences really made my love for travel become apparent and I decided when I finished my degree I would travel for a few months around South East Asia. I travelled through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnaman and Cambodia. I decided to stay in Asia and work on Langkawi Island in Malaysia until I was ready to decide where I would get a “proper” job using my degree, for the mean time i was working on the beach doing parasailing, jet ski tours and water sports. After a while I went back to Australia, still not knowing what I wanted to do for a career so I got a job in a Restaurant to save for the next adventure. My brother and I decided to travel to America to visit our family we hadnt seen in a while, once we organised our US passports to be renewed we brought a one way ticket. I was hoping I would find a job and start my career, after living in San Diego and working for the Four Seasons I realised that I couldn’t hack working in an office job 9-5 and needed a career change. As much as i loved meeting the people I had to follow Cam back to Australia and find a job that could support my travelling needs and provide good time off. I did a two week work experience onboard an oil tanker with my dad from South Australia to Western Australia, this is the career I have been waiting for. I got an apprenticeship through METL and started 40 weeks at Sea in 2014 and finished up 2015 I have never been so proud of myself, 10-12 weeks straight out at sea with only men was extremely difficult but I am so grateful for the experience and now I am waiting for a job in the maritime industry.


How we met

First of all if we both never kite surfed then the chances of us meeting were quiet slim as we both grew up more than 10,000km away. Cam’s Mate Tone flew down to Adelaide for a kitesurfing event, I was a local kitesurfer and I hung out with him for a few hours on the beach as there was no wind, as we were saying goodbye he laughed and told me ” i bet you $20 you will marry my mate campbell if you ever meet him, your the girl version of him” it was probably due to the face that i was running around pulling pranks on everyone, being obnoxious and carefree like cam, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then I remember seeing Cam in the kiteboarder magazine at school with my friend Bee right before I was suppose to leave to go to this Grom kitesurfing camp and I was saying how cute he was and I wonder if I would get to met someone as famous as him, little did I know. Then Easter 2003 came around and Cam and I met at an Australian kitesurfing competition the coconet classic in Tannum Sands. Below is a photo of us from one of the first nights we hanged out together.


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