Mulu National Park

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My parents came to visit Cam and I here in Sibu (Sarawak) and we wanted to take them deep into the jungle and really experience the environment that Borneo has to offer. We chose to visit Gunung Mulu National Park which is situated in Sarawak but very close to Brunei. It took 2 flights from Sibu onboard MAS wings to reach Mulu and it was incredibly beautiful flying over the mountain ranges. There is something pretty special about seeing land from above and flying over the Mulu National Park and surrounding mountain ranges and jungle was amazing.


Day one


Our first day we went on a local boat 20 minutes up downstream to a local longhouse village. From this village we hiked for 30 minutes in the blistering sun to a beautiful waterfall. After a swim and lunch we hiked back to take a look at the local longhouse and the Penan people that lived there. It was good to go to a place where we were the only tourists enjoying the place yet we found we were intruding on the local people and that they didn’t really want us there. The locals weren’t begging or even asking us to buy their handmade items. We ended up buying quiet a few little hand woven bags and bracelets.


Day Two

For our second day we had organised to visit the famous caves of Mulu national park. As we took another local boat to the destination we noticed the water was a lot clearer heading towards the national park. You can really see the damage the pollution has done to the river closer to our resort. The first cave we visited was the wind cave, which had a breeze of wind that would follow you throughout the cave. This just seemed like many other caves I have visited in the past, however we then walked along the river on a board walk to the fresh water cave. The first thing you notice is the crystal clear water and the greenest of green plants surrounding the waterhole. After hiking up 200 plus steps we arrived at the entrance of the cave which was covered in plants that had stuck themselves all over the rock formations. This cave was fascinating and one of the best caves I have ever seen and the reason being is that there is a HUGE river that flows through the cave. It was so beautiful seeing running water flow through a dark cave and the bridge that goes over the top of it was pretty cool too. The clearwater cave is 151km and while walking through it you feel like you are on another planet.



Day Three

To make the most of our time in Mulu we went on a Treetop walk in the national park before we flew out. It was a short walk through the national park to get to the treetop canopy and all you could smell was fresh jungle plants, it was incredible. I have never seen such ginormous plants before, it was like all the trees and plants were on steroids. The canopy walk looked like the jungle had taken over it and it didn’t feel as though it stuck out of the natural environment. The photos do not do this canopy justice as it was so spectacular to see the sharp cliffs in one directions and a sea of jungle in the other direction. As compared to the Treetop walk Cam and I had previously done in Sabah at Kota Kinabalu this was a whole different ball game, there was only a maximum of 8 people allowed to walk on it a day and the tour guides were full of knowledge and answered any questions. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to see borneo from a different perspective.

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