Solo Trekking in Tasmania

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When your all alone out a sea for over a year one would think that you would want to spend lots of time with family and friends when you finish. Well when i finished my apprenticeship I really wanted to do a SOLO hike in Tasmania and visit one of my best friends. I have been hiking so much with Cam and so use to him doing a lot of the work, I thought to myself I can do it solo, its no big deal. So i set off to Tasmania with my backpack full of hiking and camping equipment. It was so good to see Nat, we had met many years ago while we were backpacking through South East Asia, we are soul mates and are so good together. The first little adventure I went on was hiking up Mt Wellington, boy was i surprised to find snow at the top, I was not prepared for this hike but it was such a nice little warm up for my over night hikes.

Mt Wellington


Cape Raoul


Mt Field National Park


Hastings Cave


Cradle Mountain



Freycinet National Park



Bruny IslandĀ 


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