North Island Insanity

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North Island New Zealand

Cam and I both had a few weeks off work and decided to try and make his grandmothers 80th birthday in New Zealand. First thing First was booking our flights, we almost make it a challenge to see who can find the cheapest flights. We always check all the airline search engines (skyskanner, momondo, webjet, etc) once we have done that we always cross-reference with the airline website directly just to make sure its a whole lot cheaper. We ended up finding a bargain on momondo after hours of searching, so we flew Virgin Airlines Goldcoast to Auckland. As we were checking in the check-in guy was like “I am going to put you two in the front row”, i think because it was valentines day and we were possibly the best looking couple in the airport? This was the first time i have ever been upgraded on an airline, so i was over the moon, however the excitement didn’t last long as we were placed next to the most insane, crazy, hippy loving yogi bear ever and what a flight that was. We had no plan or no arrangements once we landed in Auckland so we picked up a car and decided to stay in Auckland the night before starting our adventure.


The Bay of IslandsĀ 

Cam drove most of the way up to the bay of islands, roughly about 6 hours, as I was navigating and searching for a perfect spot to camp, which proved to be quiet difficult. After driving up and down crazy roads that lead us to some spectacular bays and beaches, we noticed that there wasn’t any private camping areas there was only caravan parks that seemed to be way over priced. It was reaching sunset and after hours of search and becoming extremely jealous of all the yachts at anchor, we found a secluded bay with a beautiful beach that had not one person on it. Although it was marked “Private Property” the gate was opened and we snuck in, wooops hahaha. We were blown away at our spot and couldnt believe we scored a place like this, I remember thinking why hasn’t anyone else come down if the gate was open, well we soon found out once we walked up a little hill on the side of the bay and it was a huge cemetery.


The Northern Circuit





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