The Red Dragon – Adelaide to Noosa

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What: Drive a 1989 Land Cruiser from South Oz to Queensland
Who: Campbell Barker & Gabrielle Winding
How far: 2,163 Kilometres

Our First moments with The Red Dragon



From the moment we met BIG RED or The Red Dragon, we knew that she would be ours! Cam found her online and as soon as he saw the advertisement he was like we need to get cash out and go get this car, the lovely old lady that was selling BIG RED had kept her inside her garage for 12 years and just needed to part ways. She gave us a whole lot of advice on maintaining her perfect baby and threw in a comealong, roof racks and other various 4WD goodies. As we left her drive we could see the tears running down her face as if she knew that BIG RED was going to get a bit of 4WD thrashing. We brought a rooftop tent off mum and keith and ready for the drive, not really knowning what we were getting ourselves into. We were off after cam driving for over 4 hours, he finally let me drive…..much to his surprise i took a huge liking to BIG RED and we thought it was a good idea to try and find a place to set up camp for the night so we went off road. Now to be honest I dont have that much 4WD experience but I’m not one to let that stop me. about 5 minutes down a track that was beginning to become very muddy i suddenly got a little nervous as we went into deeper mud and slammed on the breaks…. WOOOPS! Weren’t we glad we had a comealong thrown in the package now. 6.30pm on our FIRST night in big red and we have BIG RED stuck in mud up to the doors, its getting dark and there are NO trees to attach our comealong as we just snapped the only tree close enough to pull it out. After another hour of trying to get our BIG RED out of the mud, we finally got her out of this pickle and continued down the dirt track in the dark. We didn’t drive for much longer until we came across a private gate that I open and then we made it to the MURRAY RIVER, where we set up camp for the first few nights.



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