Flinder’s Ranges, South Australia

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It had been over 15 years since I had my very first camping experience in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. I have always wanted to go back and see an incredible natural beauty right in my very own state. Typically when Cam visits South Australia the weather is usually rainy, cloudy and stormy, this was no exception. We set off through the country on a mission to not let this terrible weather stop us from seeing this pristine place. After a long drive we made it to the Flinders Ranges and decided we should head north along the Brachina Road for the first night. What an incredible Drive, the rain had developed creeks that we found most amusing to drive through. We found a nice tidely little camp that over looked some beautiful ridges, it was the most incredible feeling to be alone and to take in such prestine beauty with no one in sight. The next day we found some EMU’s, YES thats right finally found some emu’s. We made it to Wilpena Pound to find Tracey with her film crew from SA Life who were doing a story on “glamping” in the Flinders Ranges and asked Cam and I if we could be actors sitting on the balcony of these gorgeous three-house tents, drinking wine. So you cannot go to the FR without doing the St Marys Peak hike, that morning we set off to start the hike up to the peak, the weather was looking extremely gloomy, however Cam and I are so optimistic that we would solider on to the peak no matter what. About 4 hours in heavy rain and completely drenched we had reached our breaking point so we had to make the hard decision to turn back. Although it felt as though we were so close to the peak we decided that even with the weather there wouldn’t be much visibility. On the journey back we discussed how reaching the summit of a hike isn’t the most important part, the memories along the way is what makes the hike and we were quiet happy with the days events without reaching the summit. We decided that seeing as we were stomping through mud for the return that we should utilise the clay and make clay masks, this was by far the funniest moment of the trip and one I will never forget, seeing cam rub so much mud on his face just to make me laugh and forget about the miserable hike we have had in the rain.

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