Kangaroo Island – South Australia

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For 2013 New Years Eve I decided to do something a little different, I thought I would spend it on the boat with Mum and Keith in Kangaroo Island. What an adventure we had, it was blowing at least 30 knots across the backstairs passage. The first night we anchored in the Eastern cove, the sunset was unbelievable, and I will never forget how colorful the sky was that night. The first incident We had on this trip was that when we reversed the boat we got the Dingy rope stuck in the propeller and I had to rescue the dingy that was going out to sea. We then went down to American River for New Years Eve as the weather was expected to turn terrible. Spent New Years Eve on the beach surrounded by great people and a beautiful sky of stars. I wish I got to go on land but we did spend a few hours kayaking through American river observing the natural marine wildlife, first time seeing sting rays. The second Incident for the trip was that We didnt tie the Kayak on properly, so that drifted out to sea on new years day. Last but not least the third incident we had was when we came up to Christmas Island Marina we ran over some rocks that damaged the prop. Kangaroo Island is a beautiful place and I would love to go back to camp there with Cam to see its full beauties.

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