Onboard an oil tanker ship

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The British Fidelity (Adelaide – Perth)

Once being back here in Adelaide I realised that is was my passion and goal in life to travel to as many destinations as possible with cam. I wanted to get a job that would be able to cover the costs allow lots of time off to do what I love. So I looked into working on ships like my dad, then I was offered an opportunity to go on the ship with dad to Perth and back for work experience. This was an eye opening experience, there is something about being out at sea that calms all my nerves, releases the built up stress and makes me feel happy. The first night was rolling like crazy and I fell out of the bed, yet every night afterwards I slept like a baby, I am usually a light sleeper waking up to every noise possible, yet on the ship I did not wake up once during the night. It was incredible being in the middle of the Great Australian Bite being surrounded by a deep blue water with dolphins jumping in front of the bow. This was a great experience and I am glad that I took the opportunity, the first christmas I have spent with dad for over 5 years and we had a ball together drinking wine and eating fresh seafood.


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