Sequioa National Park and Mineral King

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After stocking up on some much needed camping gear like matching backpacks, blow up sleeping mats and sleeping bags we had our eyes set on a bigger adventure. We had been looking into backpack camping and were inspired by other to start hiking and camping. We had our eyes set on Sequioa and Mineral King National Park in the Southern Sierra Nevada in California, so we set off at 4am. As we were driving up to Sequioa we stopped at a Walmart to collect some last items, after getting 50 minutes away from that walmart we stopped in the small country town very close to the National Park Entrance and realised that Cam had left his wallet at the Walmart. Although we should have been panicing we were both kind of relaxed, I called the Walmart and they said that the wallet had been turned in by someone. We found out later that we left it in the trolly and the trolly guy had gave it to the staff, we tired to offer the guy money but he refused, we are very thankful for that kind gesture. So once again we were heading to the park entrance and there was a horrific line that took almost an hour to just pay to get into. Once in the Park we found out that the best place to do a hike would be in Mineral King as all the backpack campsites were full in Sequioa. We had found a hike called Eagle Lake that seemed to be an easy hike, we got our special bear cans for food and started the 4 hour hike. The Hike was 2,200 feet in elevation over 3.6 miles, quiet a steady climb for our first backpacking adventure, but the expandable views made it sensational (photos don’t do it justice). It seemed like a never ending hike, once we hit a alpine boulder field we knew it wasnt far to go. However it still continued on, it was getting dark and I was exhaugsted, Cam being the hero of the day took my pack as i continued after him while my body tried to adjust to the altitude. Once we reached the top we were so buggered we struggled to want to eat or drink, we ate dinner and were fast asleep by 8pm. We camped right next the glacier and watched the sun rise over the boulders. After going for a dip in the FREEZING cold water we started our journey home. On the Way back we took it slow and noticed the wildlife and nature that was surrounding us that we did not on the way up. The whole trip all we wanted to see was a bear and while we were driving home along the long windy road we saw a baby bear running across the road. This was the icing on the cake and this is a place I would love to come back and visit again. A few other Hikes for next time would be the Sawtooth Trail, Franklin Pass Trail, Timber Gap Trail.

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