Joshua Tree National Park

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The Iconic Joshua Tree’s intreged Cam and myself and thought for our combined birthdays we would set off for a camping adventure at the Joshua Tree National Park. When we got tothe ranger station they advised us to camp in one of there camp grounds. Well being the two obnoxious kids that we are, we disobeyed the advice and hiked to our own camping destination. The desert was unbareably hot, so we pitched our new MSR 4 season tent in between lots massive boulders surrounding our tent with shade away from the heat. The sun began to set and immediately we realised that this was a spectaluar place like no other in this world. The sun set in the distance over small mountains had created a dark blue, purple and pink sky which reflected onto the moon. After hours star gazing and capturing moments on camera we had a beautifully warm sleep in our tent under the stars. It was a short sleep as when we woke at 7am it was already about 35 degrees. We packed up and explored the rest of the national park, which was filled with unique points of nature. I highly recommend visiting this national park, we both really enjoyed, yet wish we werent on a time restriction so we could explore it thoroughly.


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