Big Bear National Park

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Our very first camping expedition was in Big Bear National Park and what an incredible night it was. Not only did this camping trip open our eyes to the beauty of nature it gave us passion and inspiration to see as much as we can. After searching all weekend for somewhere to camp we found this beautiful place. I highly recommend going to the summit where you have a view of Los Angeles and surrounding suburbs, the view was outstanding. Off the main road into big bear we found a dirt road (unsure of the name) that lead up a hill with different camping spots. Once we set up our tent we grabbed a bottle of wine and searched for a little summit for a view of the sunset. Once the sun dropped it got cold, it was so cold we had knocked back a bottle of Vodka to try and get to sleep as we only a light blanket keeping us warm. We survived the freezing cold night and woke up to a beautiful sunny day to go explore the surrounding areas. Our first camping experience were we learnt many thing;

  1. Dont buy a family size tent from walmart as it has no insulation what so ever.
  2. Pizza not the best meal to take camping.
  3. Research the weather forcast behand.
  4. Take less clothes, only whats nessecary.
  5. Bring a good sleeping bag.

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